Monica Dabney, LAc., A.P.

Online Classes

The following classes are available online via Zoom. If you are interested in any of them, please contact me for registration. All classes are group setting, 2 hours long, and $30.00 each.


  • Self Acupressure 

Though it takes many years to learn acupuncture, in this class you will learn key acupuncture points that you can press digitally (with your finger), or a pointer, and get much relief for many problems. Whether it is pain, digestion, stress, insomnia, anxiety, or depression, you will be able to help yourself and receive great relief.



  • Introduction to Self-Reiki  

In this class you will learn the history & theory of this ancient Japanese healing method. You will learn how to apply these techniques for self healing. Reiki works wonderful for stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, and overall wellbeing.




  • Introduction to Mindfulness  image

In this class you will learn the basic concept of mindfulness. How we can apply it to meditation, and our everyday life to help us live fully. You will learn to view reality from a difference perspective, manage your responses and emotions better, and feel overall calm and happy.


  • Introduction to Buddhism image

In this class you will learn basic history of Buddhism. The various schools, sects, lineage, and Lamas. You will learn the 4 Noble Truths, and the 8 Fold Path and you will be able to apply these concepts of the Buddhist philosophy to your everyday life to enhance intellect, and mind and live in a peaceful place within.